Friday, December 27, 2013

Hearts & Home Wall Hanging Gift

I'm catching up on very belated blog updates for you all this week. Before New Years arrives, I wanted to share some of the projects and things I've finished and worked on this year that I never got to show you all! Here's one I made this past summer...

* * *

My mom's birthday was approaching this past June and I wanted to make her something really special.

I'm not always the best daughter, and she has her struggles as a mom, but we love each other and I respect her. As hard as our family's 9+ year journey through the "valley" has been on us kids, it's been more so for my parents and my mom. She's had to support each of us in just about every way: going with my dad to numerous dr. appointments through the years of his back injury and now his heart surgery/recovery, taught 4 and graduated 3 kids during all that, been through her own health struggles, and fed and clothed a family of six on almost no income during those 9 years (I could go on...). Yup. She's awesome!! :D

We have this unattractive bare spot behind our front door. It's been there since we moved in.:P Not cool. So I thought, hey, why not make a nice wall hanging! I've made lot's of quilty things for my hopechest and a few things for others but not much for my own mother... it was time to change that fact. So off I went!

In my browsing through quilt books I knew I'd seen a house block, so that was the foundational inspiration for the design. Hearts were the other inspiration, since there's a lot of love in our home...and I had two very nice country heart fabrics to work with. {I'm sorry, I could not find where I found this block...will try to update that later}

Then I did some searching and found three other quilt designs that fit well together and were different enough from one another.. these are from the Farmer's Wife Quilt book; which is fabulous, by the way!

I love seeing bits and pieces of fabric from old projects and clothing in my quilting! So many fond memories...

I finished it off with lovely straight-stitch quilted borders and a stem-stitched family name and year of my parents marriage.

My mom really liked it (I'm pretty sure). ;) And my dad finally put it up on the wall for us. I bought this nice curtain rod so I can make her some seasonal wall hangings that we can change out for this one in the future. Yippee! Gotta love that.


Esther Filbrun said...

Oh, that's beautiful, Rachel! Thank you for sharing. :)


His Princess said...

That is soooo cute! How very creative. :) Is some of that appliqued on?

Love HP.

VermilionRose said...

That is so sweet! The wall hanging is lovely, especially the little house.

Rachel said...

Thank you ladies! :)

HP, no dear, none of it is appliqued. The house pieces all fit together, though you can't really see it that well in the pictures. ;) I'm not too good at applique yet, so I need some more practice. :)