Saturday, December 31, 2011

~ Some Goals for 2012 ~


Everyone makes resolutions for the new year correct? Well, I don't like to call them that and I don't really make them, per least not the way others do. I do make goals though! ;) I'm good at that (ha, the only trouble comes in completing them, right!). :D

God's been teaching me a lot especially in this last month of the year. I have area's of weakness and sin that He's been gently telling me to let go, work on, etc. So in 2012, the two of us are going to be working on that together. ;)

"Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof." ~ Romans 6:12

MY 2012 goals are as follows:
1. The MOHL Challenge -- "His Word in Our Hearts: the 1 Peter Project" ~ memorizing the book of 1 Peter in 1 year (2 verses week, approx.). I'm *really* looking forward to this one! :D

2. The Book Challenge ~ my goal is to read 2 books a month!

3. And then some family friends of ours are going to be working on exercising and so I'm joining them because I need to work on that too (they were nice enough to let me join them). :)

4. Working on letting go of "self" and thinking more on God; recognizing area's of sin that I've allowed to reign in me and with God's help, to take care of some of those.

5. Every year God brings along a word or even a phrase to remind me of His promises and how much He loves me. One year it was "contentment", another it was ". Last year the word was "anchor" and God reminded me that He is holding onto me and I am secure in Him. I found my word everywhere: a phrase spoken, something I'd read, 2 new favorite songs, and in His word (something I hadn't seen before)! :D 2012's words seem like they're going to be "Hope & Joy". :) Two very lovely words if you ask me! I am so excited to see what God's going to teach me through meditating on the meanings of them (perhaps you'll hear more about this in future on the MOHL blog as well as our own)!

So I shall have quite the busy year working on all the area's: mind, soul, and body in 2012! :D Got it all covered! ;) Lol! I'm praying God will teach me many things in this next year. :)

May the Lord bless you in 2012! :D


Marie said...

I love the thing about having a word for the year! That is such a great idea Rachel! :)

Julia said...

Oh, what wonderful goals, Rachel!! :)

I haven't really thought about mine yet. But two major (at least physical) ones are going to be...

1. Taking my driver's license test on January 10th. PRAY FOR ME! *eeeek*!

2. Hopefully joining a ladies' gym (Curves) about 25 minutes from our house... with my mom. My parents are still trying to decide if it's what we want to do... *I* really hope it works out!!! Ever since the Curves in town closed down, I have missed it so much!

Anyway, I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be an amazing year for both of us! Love you, my friend!


Debbie said...

Great Goals Daughter. I am struggling with my goals for 2012, please continue to pray for me. I need it. Love, Mom.

Rose H. said...

I will pray for you Julia! And for you Mrs. Phillips.
Great goals Rachel. :D Love you, Rose