Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jessica's highlights of 2011


Okay, so I know that I didn't do much blogging this year. Okay, so I barely did any at all. However, though I wasn't blogging, I did keep myself busy with other things. I just didn't do much blogging about them. Here is a list of some of the highlights of 2011 for me.

January started off well enough with the MOHL Bible Challenge. I reluctantly joined in on the three month challenge of reading the entire bible. It was definitely a struggle but I managed to finish a day or so before the deadline. Thanks to the help of the other MOHL ladies and my sister for their encouragement. Although I am again slightly reluctant, I'm excited to start this years MOHL Bible challenge - Memorizing the entire book of 1 Peter over the course of this year. I know, it sounds like a daunting task but when you break it down, it only comes out to about two verses a week. Surely I can handle that... I hope. ;)

After the bible challenge was completed, I just wanted to crash. Instead of doing that, however, I resumed working on my book. I only had a few chapters left to write after a grueling writing schedule in 2010. I managed to finish my book in April. It may not seem like much to you, but having finished a book for the first time and having it's word count be 82k was extremely exciting and rewarding for me. Out of everything I did this year, finishing my book was in my list of top two most memorable experiences.

The Chap conference in May was the next big highlight. My family hadn't been to the home-school conference for a few years. (due to money) This year, we were able to all go as a family since the conference gave a reduced family price in honor of their 25th anniversary. Though we ended up not buying much, we treated the trip as a sort of mini family vacation. (the first we've had in a while) We had a lot of fun and it was a good trip overall.

June brought with it the exciting visit of our dear friends from Texas. Sarah and Rose came to visit for two whole weeks. We went everywhere from DC to Valley Forge to Shady Maple and even Winterthur and Longwood Gardens. (we had gone on Longwoods free day and bought a membership at a reduced price specifically so that we could take Sarah and Rose to see it. This year was our families first time ever going to Longwood Gardens.) In Between all those trips, we spent a lot of time talking, playing games, watching movies and just, enjoying each others company. This was the second most memorable experience of 2011 for me. I'll never forget it. It was such a time of encouragement and joy and it was a huge blessing to be around such godly, like-minded young ladies.

 (Rose, Sarah, Me and Rachel at Longwood)

July was our church's VBS. We had a lot of fun volunteering, although it was hard work.

(the vbs shirts were so colorful this year)

We also went to Longwood for a fountain show in July. It was a lot of fun and the colors were just spectacular. here is a post I wrote about it if you want to see pictures from the event.

Another highlight of the year, though not as fun as Sarah and Rose's visit, was the earthquake we experienced. This was one of the many firsts of 2011. It really made me thankful that God was in control. I am so grateful that none of my family was injured.

Seems this year was the year of disasters. After the earthquake, a hurricane hit our area. Kind of scary. We ended up evacuating and going to stay in a hotel for a few nights. (yet another sort of mini vacation)

In September, we had our annual church picnic. Only my parents and I went. (I forget the reason that the rest of the family stayed home. Were they sick? lol!) We were also able to go see Courageous in the theater. It was both challenging and a joy to watch. Waffle Fries anyone?! ;)

October held a big scare for our family as my dad was rushed to the emergency room late one night/early morning. Here is a post Rachel wrote about it if you're interested in reading it.

The night before Thanksgiving day, our neighbors house caught fire. We were so thankful that no one was injured and that the firemen were able to put it out before it reached the houses next to it. This was my first time seeing a house fire. I've seen cars catch fire but it was a lot more scary seeing a house burn.

After thanksgiving, Rachel and I began to focus all our attentions on the Christmas play we were acting and singing in for our church. We performed it twice over the weekend before Christmas. Most of the family had just gotten over being sick and Rachel's was still lingering a bit so our voices weren't at their best, but we were able to bless others and bring glory to God which is what the goal was anyway. The kids did wonderfully and Rachel and I made several new, young friends. It was a great learning experience for me in seeing how God could use even young children to further His kingdom and share His Word. We hope to participate in more church plays in the future, Lord willing.

So, that's my year in review. I'm sure I missed some things but these were the ones that stuck out most. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Wishing you a blessed new year,


Sarah H said...

*Happy Sigh* it was a wonderful visit

Marie said...

Lovely post Jessica! Home School conferences are a lot of fun.. I haven't been since I was young but I remember having a blast!! :)

Rose H. said...

This is lovely Jess. Thanks for sharing your highlights with us. :D Love you, Rose

Julia said...

Wonderful post, Jessica! I so enjoyed reading this!

What's fun is that I think I remember almost everything... it was a part of my year too, because you're my friend and either you or Rachel told me about many of these things as they happened! :D Kinda cool! :D

Okay, so I'm inspired now. I think I might do my own end-of-the-year-post. :D


Cora Beth said...

A very happy new year to you, Rachel and Jessica!!!

I enjoyed reading your year-in-review very much... You were quite the busy beavers. :)

Blessings to you in 2012!
Love much,

Tarissa said...

Oh, a lovely post, Jessica! I sincerely enjoyed reading through your 2011 thoughts. Still can't believe you wrote a novel that 82 thousand words long! That alone makes 2011 a monumental year. :~)

This new year is going to fantastic for everyone--I can just feel it. I hope you girls and your family will have a lovely 2012!

~ Tarissa
{ In the Bookcase }