Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HH 19 - Zucchini Recipes Galore!

With all the bounty of zucchini we have been getting from the garden, I went in search of some recipes to use them in...I hope these can be useful to you as well! =:D A good homemaker should always try to use up the items in her kitchen and use things to improve her families health. This year, we planted the garden and have been reaping the benefits of our labor! =:D So as not to waste anything, I have been trying to find recipes that use zucchini so that I can use it up faster. Here are some of the ones I found! I hope you will try these out whether you have zucchini in your garden or not! =;)


Megan said...

this might really help my family because we have a MILLION zucchini because before when we planted them we didn't get much so we planted more this time, but now we have WAY to many!


Rachel said...

Yikes! Thanks for the warning, I was thinking of plating another zucchini plant next year, maybe I'll wait awhile to see how much grows next year... =:) Let me know if your family liked any of them! =:D I hope they help!


Miss Jen said...

Oh my.... thank you for sharing,
girls!! :) Ummm.... I may just have
to try those Zucchini Brownies!
It is always a JOY to visit you.... ;)

With Much Love~ Miss Jen

Jennifer said...

Wow, Rachel! You really do have a whole list here. Thanks for the links, I am sure I'll be using a few of them!!!

Serenity's mom

Annette said...

Do you have a favorite z bread recipe (as a sweet bread), too? We really enjoy it.

FYI, when we are given a lot, I shred it, drain it, and freeze it! Then I can have my z bread all year!

(Do you have a Kitchen Aid? It saves my knuckles with the shredding attachment!)