Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dr. S.M. Davis


Hey Ya'll!
I have been meaning to write about Dr. S.M.Davis and his ministry since we first began blogging. However, I have been so busy with trying to first set up and begin posting on young homemakers and then setting up and posting on Literary Pursuits, that I didn't have the time to write about it. But, I finally do. So, lets get going!

My family and I have enjoyed listening to Dr. S.M.Davis' cd's for a while now. Actually, I believe we learned of him around the same time that we switched over to only wearing dresses. Dr.S.M.Davis is a pastor in Lincoln, Illanois where he lives with his family. He has four daughter's and is currently blessed with 11 grandchildren.

I have loved his cd sets ever since our family ordered some and started to listen to them. They really get to the roots of all things.

Although We don't own all of them, we have enjoyed listening to the ones that we do have which include many of the cd's from his courtship/dating series and a few others like his cd's titled "Changing the heart of a rebel" and "The Language of the Christian's Clothing."

His courtship series is my personal favorite; though I try to listen to all of the cd's we own at least once a year.

One of my favorites that we own, is one which describes what happens when a young lady gives her heart away. Dr.S.M.Davis goes through and describes the dating life of a Christian young lady. Introducing each young man, why the young girl liked him and then giving him a peace of the young girls fake paper heart. It is a really great example of why it is so important for young people, not just girl's but boy's also, to guard their hearts for the spouse God has already chosen for them.

Here is a link to Dr.S.M.Davis' sight if you want to check them out. They are great for the whole family and are packed with many biblical truths.

See the site's here and here. There are currently two sites because they are in the process of updating and making a new one.

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